Where to turn when conference follow-up is overwhelming?

My National List associates and I recently attended two very productive conferences, the CLLA conference in Chicago, and the NARCA conference in San Diego. Conferences help existing relationships to flourish and give opportunities to create new ones as well. The networking is great, but the follow-up can be overwhelming!

Did you attend NARCA &/or CLLA? Are you feeling inundated with business cards, emails, phone calls and follow-up? Are you having trouble remembering which law firms you spoke with? Or possibly you lost the business card of a firm you want to work with. If you’ve attended a conference with the hope of connecting with a new law firm to assist in your collection efforts, let us help you with the follow-up phase by qualifying an attorney on your behalf.

The National List has thousands of attorney members nationwide. If you are looking to bring a new law firm on board and have follow-up questions about firm specifics (e.g., areas of coverage and concentration, number of attorneys, collection software, etc.), The National List can provide you with a detailed law firm profile. If we don’t have the information you request, we will get it for you. Or we can provide a formal introduction to a firm that will best match your needs.

Why not take advantage of the Free follow-up help offered by The National List! Or, if you’re starting from scratch, we’ll take the first step and introduce you to one of our law firm members, conference or no conference. Just let us know how we can help.

by Kacey Rask, NL Account Executive

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